With the late start of 2 a days next week and a request by a parent, we're going to start a car pooling section here. Anyone interested should respond in this thread with your address to see who might be close by who may be able to help out.
Go Stingrays!
It's been awhile since we've visited the Stingray Talk section. It's been quite a busy first year with much accomplished. The team had a phenomenal inaugural year and are getting ready to end the school year. Summer practice is just around the corner. We're been recently hit with news of the Duval County School board needing to cut this coming years budget....with sports on the chopping bock. Yesterday, it was reported that County Athletic Director Jon Fox was "forced" to recommend cutting Wrestling, Cross Country,  Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis and Slow Pitch Softball, effecting 2,054 student athletes who play these sports.  These cuts are basically a drop in the bucket to balancing the 90.1 million dollar deficit. We're being told cutting the above sports will save between $445,298 - $731,598 a year, and those savings are simply miniscule. We have tPersonally, I'm wondering why nobody in command seems to be bringing up the "pay to play" model that many Florida counties are going to. Any other thought on this subject?
Inspired by fellow parent Richard Burnett, we thought we would start a car pooling area for interested parents / students for rides to and from the summer / fall practices. We are working on a map to post which will be divided up into sections. We need comments from those who are looking for rides as well as those who can offer rides. Be as specific as you can (like "I can pick up 2 players in my area on Mondays and Wednesdays only). If we all work together, it will be easier for all involved, as well as taking some stress off of getting ou
As promised, I wanted to give some feedback regarding the Down & Dirty session of the Bishop Dullaghan Summer Camp. I did not attend any sessions, although I would have loved to. According to our son, the Down & Dirty camp was quite intense. The experience was unlike any other he had been through in his short career. Not for the weak minded, this camp demands effort. Again, basic techniques are stressed, with linemen learning from the best (and set against the best). The spirited competition sounded like it was in high gear. I can see why Coach Sullivan and crew like this camp so well. Smash mouth teaching / learning at it's best. I've never seen our son so worn out. It is an experience he'll never forget. Although he'll look forward to next year, he's glad it's an annual event. It kicked his butt.
OK, here's a chance for the skills players / parents to give some feedback from the Bishop Dullaghan Camp that ended this past weekend.  Share your thoughts here. Our son will be attending the upcoming Down & Dirty Linemen camp. You can rest assured I'll give my two cents on this portion.
I get daily updates from summer practice from our son. Maybe I'm crazy (it hasn't been proven yet), but I choose to believe he enjoys going over his morning routine when he gets home.

I really love the way the coaches are mixing up high tech with what I call "old school" to whip these boys into shape. One day, he comes home simply exhausted, sweat pouring off of him. The next, he comes home all smiles saying practice was "fun" today. I hear they're using cinder blocks, old barrels, tires and wooden boxes along with the electronic gizmo's that can read / break down performance.  This is refreshing to me and I can only see good things coming from it. It would be real easy for a coach to "get lazy" and count on these high tech machines alone to put the boys in shape. One, un-named past coach come to mind here, but I'm digressing now.

Again, I applaud AD Blount for putting together this terrific group of coaches. Hopefully, ACHS Stingrays will be state champs in the near future.
Coming from a completely different program, I've been so impressed with the entire coaching staff assembled at ACHS. Each group seem to be focusing on basics, which more than often, are overlooked in many High School programs. Many coaches "assume" that players know more than they really do at this stage (and players also assume the same).  Micromanaging our sons on proper techniques will certainly make our young men better players.

I love seeing any of my sons Coaches get up in his face and challenge him when he makes a mistake. It builds a fire inside him to do better next time, as he takes challenges to heart. Coddling potential great players does little to help them improve.  I predict that Coach Sullivan will be sending many of our teams members to the next level as Graduates from Atlantic Coast High...many of which may not have had this same chance if this new program hadn't come into play.

Just my two cents
Here's your chance to let us know what you think of our new website. Give us feedback on what you'd like to see of changed. We've put this together to bring news to the local community as well as get the players some recognition. Don't be bashful...In order for this site to be a success, it needs a team effort as well. Please keep in mind Blog comments will be monitored and removed if found inappropriate. No bashing or calling out players or coaches. Let's keep things fun!
Coach Sullivan has spoken to me about the various connections he has all over that can help our boys get to the next level. Well, within the first week and a half of spring practice, he's showing he's not full of hot air and proving what made him one of the states best public school football coaches out there. We, as parents and players on the ACHS Stingray team should consider ourselves blessed to have this guy to mold our young men.

As reported in the latest news section, there have been some recent sightings of some football notables. Please post sightings you have seen that we may have missed.
With Spring practice in full gear, we'd like to hear comments from ACHS players and or parents. I sure loved the looks under the lights on Friday. A glimpse of many great things to come for the Stingrays. I'm just getting a feeling that theis team is going to surprise a lot of other teams. Seniors? We don't need no stinkin Seniors! The Jag practice pants were a nice touch too! I can recall the old threads we had to put on back in the days.


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