It's been awhile since we've visited the Stingray Talk section. It's been quite a busy first year with much accomplished. The team had a phenomenal inaugural year and are getting ready to end the school year. Summer practice is just around the corner. We're been recently hit with news of the Duval County School board needing to cut this coming years budget....with sports on the chopping bock. Yesterday, it was reported that County Athletic Director Jon Fox was "forced" to recommend cutting Wrestling, Cross Country,  Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis and Slow Pitch Softball, effecting 2,054 student athletes who play these sports.  These cuts are basically a drop in the bucket to balancing the 90.1 million dollar deficit. We're being told cutting the above sports will save between $445,298 - $731,598 a year, and those savings are simply miniscule. We have tPersonally, I'm wondering why nobody in command seems to be bringing up the "pay to play" model that many Florida counties are going to. Any other thought on this subject?


06/23/2011 22:18

Jon Fox is just playing games. He knows that TPC, First Place Sports and others will bale out some of their respective sports. .75 million out of 90 million...come-on people. What other cut is so small? Pay to Play is worth the money. Those that can not afford will be excused from paying.


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