I get daily updates from summer practice from our son. Maybe I'm crazy (it hasn't been proven yet), but I choose to believe he enjoys going over his morning routine when he gets home.

I really love the way the coaches are mixing up high tech with what I call "old school" to whip these boys into shape. One day, he comes home simply exhausted, sweat pouring off of him. The next, he comes home all smiles saying practice was "fun" today. I hear they're using cinder blocks, old barrels, tires and wooden boxes along with the electronic gizmo's that can read / break down performance.  This is refreshing to me and I can only see good things coming from it. It would be real easy for a coach to "get lazy" and count on these high tech machines alone to put the boys in shape. One, un-named past coach come to mind here, but I'm digressing now.

Again, I applaud AD Blount for putting together this terrific group of coaches. Hopefully, ACHS Stingrays will be state champs in the near future.


05/31/2011 08:41

areare yu nuts datsz nt good at all yu try running throu tires or tryin to tackle big behind tight ends


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