Here's your chance to let us know what you think of our new website. Give us feedback on what you'd like to see of changed. We've put this together to bring news to the local community as well as get the players some recognition. Don't be bashful...In order for this site to be a success, it needs a team effort as well. Please keep in mind Blog comments will be monitored and removed if found inappropriate. No bashing or calling out players or coaches. Let's keep things fun!


Tana Blue
05/17/2010 11:54

Hello...I am the mother of Christopher Blue. I am very excited about the website...I thank you for allowing us to have firsthand knowledge of whats happening...

Debbie Whittle
05/20/2010 21:12

This was a great idea. It gives the parents some great information about the program, even if they can't be out there to watch. Thank you for posting some of the pictures I sent. I think the players like to see themselves in action!

05/24/2010 12:13

Thank you for the support. As word spreads, I hope parents, players, family and friends enjoy (and contribute) to the content.

Kandi Torres
05/24/2010 13:36

Thanks Mark for the website. I love the links and all you have done here. Very informative and a wonderful tool to get information if we missed prior meetings or emails. I have an incoming freshman who has played football both in pop warner and middle school. He is extremely excited about the coaches and is loving the whole experience. This is wonderful!

09/13/2010 19:29

I'm disgusted by the way you're using this site to bash Jason Robinson and Mandarin High School! Mandarin's football program has experienced so more much heartache and tragedy in the past 5 years than any other program in the city. I'm just a little confused as to who you think you are to bash that program after being there for one measly year. As a freshman, you shouldn't have expected your son to be the center of attention anyways. And if your son's really that great, he'll recover just fine. STOP COMPLAINING. MOVE ON. No one else wants to read about it.

09/14/2010 11:23

Appalled: Not quite sure what site you're talking about. I have never "bashed" Coach Robinson nor Mandarin's football program. Nor have I complained about our sons time there. As a matter of fact, we hated the thought of him leaving when we found out he was in the new district....until we found out who would be taking the reigns of the Atlantic Coast program. We feel bad for what the Mandarin team has went through the past several years and respect and applaud their decision to promote Coach Dean to Head Coach and wish them well. You're entitled to call that bashing if you like, but I doubt many others will agree.

09/15/2010 00:03

Here's a few examples:

"It would be real easy for a coach to 'get lazy' and count on these high tech machines alone to put the boys in shape. One, un-named past coach come to mind here, but I'm digressing now."

"I predict that Coach Sullivan will be sending many of our teams members to the next level as Graduates from Atlantic Coast High...many of which may not have had this same chance if this new program hadn't come into play."

"This is quite a contrast to my sons previous head coach. Although I liked him, he always seemed to distance himself. Only the 'select ones' would have his mobile number to text or talk out issues."

Why not stay positive and focus only on Atlantic Coast? No one else wants to read this! And it looks bad for this kind of criticism to be on the school's website. So stop!

09/15/2010 10:31

Note #1- We certainly DO focus on Atlantic Coast. That's what this site is all about.

Note #2- This is not "the school" site. Our site is comprised of volunteers consisting of parents, students and Coaches coming together to bring the latest news and coverage of Atlantic Coast Stingray Sports. It also gives our kids another sense of recognition. It's all about them! This information is clearly posted on the main page.

Note #3- Every comment you listed was found in this Stingray Talk section, which is a blog post / commentary section for everyone to join in on. I put this section on so anyone can express their opinion here. I have the right as a parent, to express myself, just as you have a right to express your opinion. I don't call any of the above statements "bashing", but you, on the other hand, have thinner skin. I stand behind every statement I made. Again, I liked Coach Robinson as a person. I liked how he would encourage the boys to be great, Christian men. I also have a long list of what I didn't like, but I'll refrain from that, as I would call that "bashing". The main thing is I'm trying to get across is we, as parents, feel blessed to have the experience of Coach Sullivan and his staff at the new school. Comparing his credentials / experience up against any other public coach in the area may or may not be fair, but we're happy to have him coaching our son. His record speaks for itself.


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