Coming from a completely different program, I've been so impressed with the entire coaching staff assembled at ACHS. Each group seem to be focusing on basics, which more than often, are overlooked in many High School programs. Many coaches "assume" that players know more than they really do at this stage (and players also assume the same).  Micromanaging our sons on proper techniques will certainly make our young men better players.

I love seeing any of my sons Coaches get up in his face and challenge him when he makes a mistake. It builds a fire inside him to do better next time, as he takes challenges to heart. Coddling potential great players does little to help them improve.  I predict that Coach Sullivan will be sending many of our teams members to the next level as Graduates from Atlantic Coast High...many of which may not have had this same chance if this new program hadn't come into play.

Just my two cents


Dana Worley
05/21/2010 10:22

First, let me say "Thank You, Mark". The website is great!
I am very impressed with not only Coach Sullivan but the entire staff as well. I felt a little melancholy as practice came to end yesterday and cannot wait for the Fall. My son has played ball for 7 years now and I do not think I have seen him this excited to play.


05/24/2010 12:10

Thanks Dana

I know what you mean. Although our son only has 3 years of football in his past (2 at Twin Lakes Middle and 1 at Mandarin his Freshman year), he has been "reborn" with the Stingray program. I have watched an inspirational transformation in the 2 weeks he has been able to practice. He has lofty goals in place that require inner and outer strength as well as commitment on his end, yet without proper coaching, the majority of this will go to waste. This coaching staff has shown they will do their part to make every player the best they can be. This is a very important ingredient to my son's future that was missing.


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